Waikiki Whale Watch Tours

At Atlantis Adventures there are both morning and afternoon cruises that set out to see the whales off the Waikiki shores.

Waikiki Morning Whale Watch Cruise

Join us bright and early for a smooth water ride along the Waikiki coastline in search of humpback whales. Atlantis Adventures Navatek Cruise ships will provide guests with a full learning experience as you explore the nearby waters in search of whales. The on-board naturalist will guide you through your whale watching tour with tips on where to look for the great mammals and some education about them.

Lunch Time Whale Watch Cruise

As a whale enthusiast you will thoroughly enjoy your 2 hour venture out to see the elusive animals in their natural habitat. Gather insightful information about the whales from our naturalist on board as well as some helpful insights on how they communicate and behave in the wild. You can spend your whale watching tour from viewing decks or indoor air conditioned cabins with large windows.

Whale Watch Guarantee

If our Naturalist does not sight a whale during the cruise, guests are given a complimentary return whale watch cruise (meal available for an additional fee). 

Additional Information

Check-in 30 minutes prior to departure

Expert Naturalist on board

Atlantis Navatek Cruises reserves the right to substitute vessels, routes and destinations based on vessel operations, weather and sea conditions

Menu is subject to change without notice

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